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2020, the year we thought we would get our act together, be productive, and kick ass. And bam! A global pandemic hits and shatters your New Year’s resolutions like never before. If you’re a college student like me, you’re probably as scared as I am. How will I get an internship? Are people even hiring? Is my field of work becoming obsolete? All these questions were running in my mind. And I had no answers until I found Home From College.

“Home From College was really built out of the necessity, during vulnerable times to support college students for professional purposes.” - Julia Haber, Founder and CEO of Home From College.

Home From College (HFC) was created when Julia realized that college students, across the country and the world, were overwhelmed, anxious, and scared. As students, college and friends was our ‘home’. But that shifted very quickly. So, now that we’re not in college (physically), Home From College serves as a community and a central home. It provides us the motivation we need to succeed, especially in a crisis. More than a website, it’s a tiny world that envelops you with informational and inspiring content by different industry leaders.

Community Page

You can create a profile on their Community page on the Home From College website. You’ll fill in details about where you go to school, your interests, and your graduation year. This will give you access to HFC’s Office Hours, Micro-Internships, and the 2009 Club.


The website has insightful interviews with different industry leaders like AJ Vaynerchuk (CEO of VaynerSports), Jacob Pace (CEO of Flighthouse), Shelley Zalis (CEO of The Female Quotient) and more. These leaders talk about their experiences leading these companies, advice on work and careers, and networking. This feature is available to all readers.

Office Hours

These are Zoom calls with speakers like Christian Navarro, Director of Brand Marketing at SoulCycle. You can join, ask questions, and have exclusive access to pick the speaker’s brain on these calls.


You’ll be able to apply to brand-sponsored internships, exclusive to HFC. These will be 2-3 week projects, which will be very valuable for your resume.

2009 Club

As we know the 2008 Great Recession created a huge job crisis. And now, we’re facing an even bigger crisis. So, Home From College has created a mentor-matching club where graduates of 2020 be partnered with graduates of 2009, who faced the recession and got hired during the crisis. This feature is exclusive to students graduating this year.

I’m so grateful that a platform like Home From College was launched during this crazy time. It motivates me and the interviews inspire me to keep learning and evolving. So, whenever I feel stressed or stuck, these interviews are my go-to. And as a Communications student, it’s interesting to see a platform and brand being launched during a time where people have stopped creating content or being innovative. Home From College was created during a crisis and they continue to make high-quality and enriching content, within the confines of their ‘homes’.

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